IDS Headquarters Construction
The home of IDS was built on a site once occupied by a large bank barn which was destroyed by a tornado August 26, 1986.  The original bank is a second-level entry for the new facility.  IDS now occupies the building which was under roof 20 years after the tornado.
Before construction started, the existing concrete slab was cut and sections removed to make way for the new footings.

More excavation and footings...

We are building with Insulated Concrete Forms: interlocking Styrofoam blocks that will be filled with concrete.  Here, 48" of wall is being set on the footings.

More foundation wall...

HPIM0635.JPG (1794388 bytes)
More stone (over 200 tons so far) and walls going up.  Note: two supervisors and no workers...looks like the county road crew.

More setting lower level walls...

HPIM0715.JPG (1655444 bytes)
6:30 AM 7/28/06...the fun is about to begin.

More pouring floor and lower level walls...

HPIM0755.JPG (1514644 bytes)
View from the Cub at 200 feet Sunday, 7/30/06 HPIM0829.JPG (1472948 bytes)
Lab and office framing begins... HPIM0849.JPG (1182004 bytes)
Now that the concrete walls are finished, we are ready for traditional stud framing for the rest of the building. HPIM0888.JPG (1240468 bytes)
And now for the trusses... HPIM0938.JPG (138240 bytes)
Then the roof and siding... HPIM0971.JPG (167424 bytes)
...and interior walls... HPIM1042.JPG (159456 bytes)
New underground service to the building.  Soon there will be no more wires to avoid on the runways! HPIM1071.JPG (143072 bytes)
Bi-fold door finally arrives (almost 4 weeks late) and is installed... IM000274.JPG (674816 bytes)
Drywall is hung and finished... HPIM1086.JPG (837236 bytes)
Sidewalks are poured... HPIM1221.JPG (1164692 bytes)
...and now for all the finishing odds and ends... HPIM1169.JPG (1348500 bytes)
IDS has moved into the building now!  Interior trim and other cosmetic finishing will continue through the winter months.



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Last modified: February 09, 2009