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2008-2010 Buell™ Tunable ECM

This hardware and software package includes a tunable ECM and a license for PCM.

  • $630
  • Pre-loaded Calibration
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This package is perfect for anyone who wants to get the most out of their 2008-2010 Buell™ motorcycle on the track. The package includes a tunable DDFI-3™ ECM, a license for PCM, sample calibaration files, and supporting files for the ECM. The package supports all 2008-2010 Buell™ motorcycles including the 1125R, 1125CR, XB9, and XB12.

PCM offers an extensive suite of tuning and programming tools. Monitor all ECM inputs, tune fuel and spark tables in real time, work with on-board diagnostics, and more! Work directly with the ECM, no wiring changes or additional control hardware needed! IDS recommends the purchase of the ECM Interface Cable with this package as it is required to communicate between PCM and an ECM. PCM runs on Windows 2000 and later.

Already have a PCM license for another ECM? Contact us with your module ID, and we will discount your second license!


Pre-Loaded Calibration

The ECM is reprogrammable, but we can send it to you with your choice of calibration installed.


ECM Reprogramming

If you check the box above, you can send us your compatable ECM to be reprogrammed, and we will send you back the ECM with this calibration loaded onto it. This saves you the cost of a factory-new ECM.