Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is IDS offering in the new web store?

A: The IDS store offers direct products and services for Buell™ and EBR™ motorcycle owners. This store offers Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) parts and accessories including Electronic Control Modules (ECMs) and tuning systems. IDS also offers Air Fuel Ratio monitoring equipment, fuel injectors, and other components.

Q: Will my bike still be street legal if I install IDS components?

A: Each item in our store is listed as “street legal” or “off-road only”. We offer stock ECMs and parts which are built to factory-original standards. We also offer “off-road only” components for racing and other unregulated uses.

Q: What is an ECM?

ECM stands for Engine Control Module or Electronic Control Module, and it is analogous to the brain of a motorcycle. An ECM controls about everything on the motorcycle engine including fuel injection, ignition timing, cooling, and idle speed. The ECM can alert the rider to potential problems by setting trouble codes as well. Some refer to the ECM as an ECU (Engine Control Unit or Electronic Control Unit).

Q: What type of ECM is my motorcycle running?

If you own a Buell™ or EBR™ Motorcycle produced since 1999, chances are you have one of three ECM types.

  • DDFI-2™: This ECM is used in Buell™ motorcycles produced between 1999 and 2007 This ECM is distinguishable by it's two 12-pin connectors.
  • DDFI-3™: This ECM is used  2008 through 2010 Buell™ motorcycles . This ECM has two 34-pin connectors.
  • DVCS: This ECM is used in all EBR motorcycles. It also has two 34-pin connectors, and looks very similar to a DDFI-3™ module. 

Q: My stock bike does not run correctly. Can IDS help?

A: Yes! We know how to make factory stock Buell™ and EBR™ bikes run properly. We can help you solve drivability and performance problems. Please use the Contact us tab and include your motorcycle's make, model, year, and location as well as a brief description of the problem. We will get right back with you with suggestions and options.

Q: I put an aftermarket exhaust on my bike and it doesn’t run correctly anymore. Can IDS help?

A: Yes! We know how to make your Buell™ or EBR™ perform well with aftermarket components. We offer replacement ECMs set up for many aftermarket exhaust systems.  Please use the Contact us tab and include your motorcycle's make, model, year, and location as well as a brief description of the problem and the parts you are using. We will get right back with you with suggestions and options.

Q: I have a unique bike with custom intake, exhaust, and cams. Can IDS provide me with the tools to tune my bike myself?

A: Yes! We offer tuning systems and components that allow you complete control of spark advance and fuel delivery. The tuning package includes a tunable ECM (same hardware as your OEM module), a USB to serial adapter, and software for your PC (compatible with Windows™ 8, 7, XP, and 2000, and future versions of Microsoft Windows™). We also sell Air/Fuel Ratio meters such as the Daytona Sensors™ WEGO III for dyno and track use.

Q: I have a unique bike, but I don’t want to tune it myself. Can IDS help?

A: Yes! We are set up to tune any fuel-injected Buell™ or EBR™ bike on our DynoJet™ 200 at our facility.

Q: Can IDS develop an ECM calibration for my bike if I can’t get to Decatur, IN?

A: Possibly, if you can send us your exhaust and any info about your bike setup. We have two Buell XB12X and one EBR 1190RS available here for calibration development.

Q: Has IDS worked with any club racers?

A: Yes! We have worked with privateer teams at all racing levels.

Q: Has IDS worked with any professional racing teams?

A: Yes! Our EFI systems have been used by many professional race teams. Some achievements include the 2009 AMA Daytona Sportbike Championship on the Buell 1125R, and podium finishes in the AMA Superbike series on the EBR 1190RS.

Q: How long have IDS employees worked with engine management systems?

A: Our roots go back to the first distributor-less ignition system developed in the 1970s. We have developed ignition and fuel injection systems for motorcycles, cars (including Indy 500 cars), boats, and many small engine applications.

Q: How long have IDS employees worked with Buell Motorcycle Company™ and Erik Buell Racing™ (EBR™)?

A: All production Buell™ motorcycles are equipped with ignition and/or fuel injection systems developed by our people. That includes the very early (1980s-vintage) carbureted models, tube-frame Buell™ (carbureted and fuel injected), Buell™ XB series, Buell™ 1125 series, and all EBR™ products.

Q: When was IDS formed?

A: We were incorporated in May 2006. We formed the company when Kimball International™ closed their Auburn, IN facility. We started IDS primarily to continue development of ignition and fuel injection systems for Buell Motorcycle Company™.  Many of our tools, lab equipment, furnishings, and know-how came from the Auburn plant, which was also formerly owned by Magnavox™, Philips™, VDO™, and Siemens™


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