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CMI Lite

A tool for maintaining and interfacing with the ECM on any Buell™ motorcycle produced between 1999 and 2010. 

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Service your Buell™ motorcycle in your own garage! The IDS CMI service tool family supports all fuel-injected Buell motorcycles with original production or race ECMs, from the 1999 X1 through the 2010 XB and 1125 models.

This simple, easy-to-use, hand-held service tool supports throttle position sensor calibration (TPS zero), trouble code read, trouble code reset, idle adjustment, and learned fuel (Adaptive Fuel Value) reset. Durable and waterproof unit with status LEDs. Interface cable plugs into the four-pin diagnostic port on the motorcycle. No other tools or computer needed!

User manual, HTML: 200124_B.htm 

User manual, PDF:   200124_B.pdf


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